I have never outed MdS

The “top searches” for this blog

matt heath, marcus du sautoy gay, (s + c) x (b + f)/t – v, where s = overall shape (“including tendency to droop”), c = circularity, b = bounce factor (not to be confused with “wobble”), f = firmness (with perfect being “like a comfy bed”), t = skin texture and v = vertical ratio (the goal: “on the top-heavy side of symmetrical”). for the male rear end, the equation replaces bounce, circularity and vertical ratio with m (muscularity), l (leanness) and o (overall symmetry), listen number, immigrant expatriate

This amused me slightly. Of course now I’ll attract people searching for these even more.


3 Responses to “I have never outed MdS”

  1. prof dr mircea orasanu and ponded Says:

    these created bad science specially now and most in these days and pounded in Russia , Romania due imbecility or other countries that in 1812 or retard love ignorance exactly as now

  2. prof drd horia orasanu Says:

    and thus to consider other forms

  3. prof dr mircea orasanu Says:

    are mention that many results can be appear and appear in case of schedule that are used by prof dr mircea orasanu and prof drd horia orasanu and followed so to lead inspired by the work of Joseph-Louis Lagrange, led him to the development of extremely fruitful new methods. In 1780 Monge was elected an associate of the Academy of Sciences.
    Officially leaving Mézières at the end of 1783, Monge became increasingly active in public affairs in Paris. Between 1783 and about 1789 he was an examiner of naval cadets; he served on the committee of weights and measures that established the metric system in 1791; from 1792 to 1793 he was minister for the navy and colonies and had occasion to welcome the young artillery officer who became Emperor Napoleon I; and in 1795 he participated in the founding of the National Institute of France. Although at times during the French Revolution his position was precarious, Monge continued to be influential. When an appeal was made to scientists to assist in producing materials for national defense, he supervised foundry operations and wrote handbooks on steelmaking and cannon manufacture. In 1794–95 he taught at the short-lived École Normale (later reestablished as the École Normale Supérieure), where he was given permission for the first time to lecture on the principles of descriptive geometry he had developed at Mézières.

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