Holiday YouTube. This blog causes fascists to limp slightly

I’ve had a decidedly ungood Friday. Made the mistake of going to office. Network borked. Then I got lost in an underground car park (no I don’t drive don’t ask).

Anyway the “proper” understandings of what the holiday is held to mark always left me bit cold but Woody’s version connects for me.


5 Responses to “Holiday YouTube. This blog causes fascists to limp slightly”

  1. cendasu Says:

    because that these men don’t known mathematics and are repulsive for fundamental acknowledgements of mathematics appear thus problems exactly as this play

  2. prof dr mircea orasanu Says:

    and is observed rhat fascists appear in more as psd and pnl and no exost learning

  3. prof drd horia orasanu Says:

    in these with fascists can be observed have not capacity to learn the fundamental ideas of mathematics stated prof dr mircea orasanu and prof drd horia orasanu and followed and then to be failing black pupils in the ‘status and power’ subjects of science, mathematics and technology (Ghouri, 1998b). It does seem that Tooley’s (1990) expectation that the National Curriculum proposals ‘have the potential to tackle that problem’ of underachievement has proved to be unfounded. For example with regard to the notion of Didaktik in the German and Scandinavian traditions the overall aim of the education system is that of ‘Gebildete’ which can be broadly translated as ‘educated personality’. This means, for example, fostering a sense of egalitarianism and having a curriculum that relates to the central problems of living and is relevant to the key problems of society.

  4. prof dr mircea orasanu Says:

    as is seen and stated are observed by prof dr mircea orasanu and followed and followed that fascists from here or roumania as in present appear non insight Entropy and CONSTRAINTS OPTIMIZATIONS and therefore these person must learning the above problems

  5. prof dr mircea orasanu Says:

    indeed there are fascists as in here that no suffered the science and fundaments of science observed prof dr mircea orasanu and prof drd horia orasanu and followed therefore these are with devil associated and must let be the vector from the center of mass to and be the vector from the center of mass to . From the definition of center of mass


    where is the so-called reduced mass. The vector displacement from to is

    The distance between the two mutually orbiting bodies is

    Equations (1)-(5) lead to the identities
    a graduate student in physics I took a few courses in the Math department out of curiosity.
    Born in October 1811, Galois lived just 21 years. His mathematical genius exploded at about age 14 when he obtained a copy of a geometry text written by Legendre. Galois blew through it at a rate others might pace themselves to read a comic book. His appetite for mathematics whetted Galois grew impatient with dim-witted fellow students and slow instructors. E.T. Bell in his classic “Men of Mathematics” uses the marvelous phrase “He was forced to lick up the stale leavings which his genius had rejected”. He was rejected for admission to the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique not once but twice

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