Songs for homesick Britons, part 2 of n

Ugh. Couldn’t go home for Christmas this year (nice reasons). Feeling kind of homesick. Let’s fix that with a bumper holiday pack of YouTube goodness from the Smiths, Massive Attack, the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.
Videos after the jump.
Even before Yemon suggested it the Smiths were an obvious choice. I’ve chosen “The Queen
is Dead” both for the bone-headedly literal reason of the music-hall opening (Take me back to dear old Blighty…”) and because it’s bloody fantastic classic Smiths: sad and funny thanks to Moz and sonically full of win thanks to Johnny

Honestly I wanted to pick a less obviously Massive Attack number but while they have loads of great songs none are as good as Unfinished Sympathy. Actually none of anyone’s song are (this opinion may vary according to mood).

But HA! I haven’t done the obvious thing with the rest. You thought it would be Fairytale of New York, didn’t you? Admit it! I have the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl separately.

OK, just in case anyone wants to get up in my face about the Pogues going in a “British” post, note that they are/were London based, most of them are English born (some with no Irish background) and that the song is “Rainy Night in Soho”.

If the universe were an intrinsically fair place, Kirsty MacColl would be thought of as an equal of the Pogues and the Smiths and Billy Bragg. Because the universe is utterly indifferent to human notions of justice she is remembered as someone who worked with those acts. Sadly YouTube didn’t have her singing my first choice “Fifteen minutes” so here is the also fantastic “Free World”. It has more Johnny Marr jangle as a bonus.


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One Response to “Songs for homesick Britons, part 2 of n”

  1. toomuchcoffeeman Says:

    Just so you have a last comment for 2008: nice selection, though I prefer Protection and Sly personally. Their cover of Light My Fire is IMHO an improvement on the original, if that isn’t too sacrilegious.

    And in my case I think the Smiths song would have to be Still Ill: not as good, but more apt given its opening lines:

    “I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving,
    England is mine,
    It owes me a living…”

    (Ashamed to admit that I’ve only ever heard (to my knowledge) Kirsty MacColl on FoNY, )

    Happy New Year and all that jazz.

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