Happy relavent holiday

The day before last was (except on a set of measure zero) either the summer or the winter solstice on Earth and around this time there are all sorts of holiday celebrations. Happy whichever ones you are marking.

3 Responses to “Happy relavent holiday”

  1. notedscholar Says:

    This is silly. In no way is the solstice more relevant than Christmas or Chanukah.


  2. mattheath Says:

    Errr notedscholar, (assuming for now that you are real) that’s some pretty poor reading comprehension. I never said any holiday was more relevant than any other. I wished people “Happy Whatever Holiday Is Relevant To You”, and I did it at this time of year because various cultures have clustered their holidays around the solstice.

  3. prof dr mircea orasanu Says:

    for happy must to be with these that and evident to learn in great glad the fundamental and aspects followed for other ,look the important forms ,so these must very extended

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