Songs for homesick Britons (part 1 of n for some n)

I’m feeling vaguely homesick today and trawling YouTube for music videos. I thought I ‘d share a couple

First are Blur who were pretty much the first band I really loved. They are playing “This Is a Low” which has lyrics based in part on the shipping forecast from Radio 4. Too few songs are based on the shipping forecast. It’s also quite startlingly lovely.

Second up, Billy Bragg singing Between the Wars. My elder sisters used to listen to Billy Bragg quite a lot when I was a kid. My dad seriously hated his voice, to the point were he just wouldn’t shut up about hating Billy Bragg’s voice. I usually start welling up around “Mine is a faith in my fellow man”.

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2 Responses to “Songs for homesick Britons (part 1 of n for some n)”

  1. TooMuchCoffeeMan Says:

    Shamefully, I’d never heard that Blur song before (is it off Modern Life Is Rubbish?) I never got into them that much, apart from The Universal which is somehow too depressing when listened to properly, and Song 2 which seemed to be ubiquitous in the UK at one point.

    I tend to fend off homesickness with Pulp, the Smiths, and Suede (*cough* bittorrent, though ironically I own all the relevant albums somewhere in a box in London). To my abiding regret I wasn’t there for this one:

    (electrified violin always a good thing, cf. “Heroin”)

    Re Billy Bragg: this may tickle your fancy:

  2. mattheath Says:

    Those are all bands I thought I might post things of under the same heading.
    This is a Low is on Parklife.

    Thanks for the links. It’s weird how such an arch and unloved-up band as Pulp went down do well with the crusties at Glasto. I saw The Pet Shop Boys (on before Bowie) play there one year and it was the same sort of thing.

    Huzzah for Bill and Billy.

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