It’s [almost] time (to rock a rhyme)³

It’s tricki!.

If Tim Gowers’s project for a wiki-like compendium of proof techniques catches on (and the search features work well), it could be a really big deal. These sorts of tricks are traditionally not recorded anywhere. Their use is buried deep in the folds of proofs where it’s difficult to see the scope of the idea. To learn the use of a particular technique you have to have the good luck to work with someone who knows the right tool and shows you it.

If used well, Tricki could speed up problem solving considerably. I don’t want to sound too excitable, but this is like the mathmos’ LHC.

btw. I lost my passport while I was in England and got stuck there (bad) and a bunch of other stuff is going on (good) so I doubt I’ll write the post I mentioned last time for a while. The moment has kind of passed.

EDIT: I could have sworn “It’s Tricky” went “It’s time to rock around”. Apparently it’s “It’s tricky to rock a rhyme” which makes more sense. I’m only half correcting the title though.


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2 Responses to “It’s [almost] time (to rock a rhyme)³”

  1. toomuchcoffeeman Says:

    btw. I lost my passport while I was in England and got stuck there (bad)

    Ouch ouch ouch. Have you managed to get sorted with some kind of emergency replacement?

    Just got back from the UK on Tuesday, I should have thought to drop you a line but thought you’d already be back in Lisbon/Braga by then…

    I am undecided about how well the Adrian Thaws will work, but hope it contains the advice given to us in one of my undergraduate lectures:

    “When in doubt, try interchanging the order of integration and summation. Miracles can occur.”

  2. mattheath Says:

    I went to the passport office in London and had to wait at my parent for a new one to be sent out.

    Hopefully Tricki won’t follow Tricky’s career path of deteriorating from the best thing ever into total incomprehensibility.

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