In which I agree with Felipão Scolari

Since I am know on someone’s blogroll (thanks Yemon), I think I should have some content. I am not going to post about maths right now though; I’ll have the slides for my upcoming talk here when they are done but now I’m going to talk about a football coach and names.

Now, I don’t much care for Luiz Felipe Scolari. He is kind of violent. He says stuff like “If I found out that one of my players was gay I would throw him off the team.” . He admires Augusto Pinochet. He encourages players to put special pebbles in their socks for luck. He seems to really under-value Nani. Above all, he’s now manager of Chelsea football club (bad enough in itself) and seems to have misused his role as Portugal coach to help Chelsea (encouraging Ronaldo to leave ManU and Bosingwa to go to Chelsea).

Anyway he is right about something. Namely his name. As he told the Torygraph, his name is not “Phil”. It’s “Felipe”. And in related news, my name is not “Mateus”. About a third of the people I am introduced to here in Portugal feel the need to tell me that here “Matthew” is “Mateus”. Well, it isn’t. That’s my NAME you are messing with. I’m not a king, or a pope, therefore my name does not translate.


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